first four labor membersfirst four labor members

a depiction of the first labora depiction of the first labor

the first labour member ofthe first labour member of

figure 1  trade unionfigure 1 trade union

in 1892  the first labourin 1892 the first labour

1892  first women members1892 first women members

five weeks after the firstfive weeks after the first

the first labor day   1892the first labor day 1892

labour party memberlabour party member

progressive liberal memberprogressive liberal member

he was the first labour primehe was the first labour prime

1  19991 1999

first labour in politicsfirst labour in politics

founded in 1892  the atu todayfounded in 1892 the atu today

a member of the labour partya member of the labour party

know your labor amp  marketknow your labor amp market

the battle for homestead  1880 1892the battle for homestead 1880 1892

1892 labor disputes and1892 labor disputes and

the 1892 battle of homesteadthe 1892 battle of homestead

appointed the first womanappointed the first woman

labor day pic 1941labor day pic 1941



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