in 1958 the first pacemakerin 1958 the first pacemaker

the first pacemaker ever to bethe first pacemaker ever to be

in 1958   ke senningin 1958 ke senning

1958  the first clinical1958 the first clinical

implantation into a humanimplantation into a human

1958  dr  ake senning implants1958 dr ake senning implants

the first cyborgthe first cyborg

implantation into a humanimplantation into a human

recipient of the firstrecipient of the first

was implanted in 1958was implanted in 1958

in 1958 10 connected toin 1958 10 connected to

the worlds first humanthe worlds first human

the worlds very first fullythe worlds very first fully

yearly first pacemaker and icdyearly first pacemaker and icd

the cochlear implant hasthe cochlear implant has

the first human implant ofthe first human implant of

into the human body tointo the human body to

1958  surgeons place the first1958 surgeons place the first

ivf   the first ivf babyivf the first ivf baby

computer chips implanted incomputer chips implanted in

the first documented attemptthe first documented attempt



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