24 elders around the throne24 elders around the throne

24 thrones and 24 elders24 thrones and 24 elders

twenty four thrones aroundtwenty four thrones around

the twenty four elders fellthe twenty four elders fell

and around the throne i sawand around the throne i saw

24 elders having harps of god24 elders having harps of god

the four and twenty eldersthe four and twenty elders

by 24 elders around theby 24 elders around the

heavens throne roomheavens throne room

before the throne and inbefore the throne and in

the 24 elders around thethe 24 elders around the

why would the 24 elders bewhy would the 24 elders be

bible studyrevelation 4bible studyrevelation 4

by 24 elders around theby 24 elders around the

elders one of the 24 elderselders one of the 24 elders

quot around the throne were twentyquot around the throne were twenty

around the thronearound the throne

or global warning  24eldersor global warning 24elders

said  quot seesaid quot see

the elders have white garmentsthe elders have white garments

the elders the first group tothe elders the first group to



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