from 1192 to 1867  shogunfrom 1192 to 1867 shogun

rule  in 1867  japan was arule in 1867 japan was a

daimyo of 1867  samuraidaimyo of 1867 samurai

rule in 1867  the japaneserule in 1867 the japanese

the tokugawa shogunate came tothe tokugawa shogunate came to

emperor komei  1846 1867emperor komei 1846 1867

november 9 1867 official endnovember 9 1867 official end

japan  daimyo of 1867japan daimyo of 1867

tokugawa ieyasus ruletokugawa ieyasus rule

shogun rule came to an endshogun rule came to an end

the great   1867 1912the great 1867 1912

they ruled from 1192 to 1867they ruled from 1192 to 1867

end of the tokugawa shogunateend of the tokugawa shogunate

in 1867  shogun tokugawain 1867 shogun tokugawa

daimyo of 1867  samuraidaimyo of 1867 samurai

in 1867  the komei emperorin 1867 the komei emperor

the edo period  1603 1867the edo period 1603 1867

after this  no shogun visitedafter this no shogun visited

in this japanese namein this japanese name

to overthrow the edo shogunateto overthrow the edo shogunate

emperor of japan in 1867emperor of japan in 1867



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