figure 1   unfortunately wefigure 1 unfortunately we

1 player action  a user sends1 player action a user sends

in humans  yawning is oftenin humans yawning is often

it is beneficial to humansit is beneficial to humans

had positive feedbackhad positive feedback

for most people  the wordfor most people the word

because of all the positivebecause of all the positive

destroy all humansdestroy all humans

positive feedback if the humanpositive feedback if the human

we have received much positivewe have received much positive

processing time   1 days  positive feedback  100 0   rodriguez 13 chatprocessing time 1 days positive feedback 100 0 rodriguez 13 chat

destroy all humans  destroydestroy all humans destroy


positive feedback generatespositive feedback generates

positive feedback on this onepositive feedback on this one

positive feedback frompositive feedback from

t shirt is one of the newt shirt is one of the new

positive feedback  i willpositive feedback i will

a lot of people i know reallya lot of people i know really

more positive feedback  imore positive feedback i

a positive feedback loopa positive feedback loop



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