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Kindness Scotland is a Registered Charity organised by a committee of 6 people.
For World Kindness Day, arranging Kind Kids Awards and other projects, we have the assistance of a number of willing volunteers.

Over the years we have been invited to participate in a number of radio programmes and interviews with newspapers and that publicity helps to spread information and to catch the interest of members of the public. During the interviews pretty challenging questions were asked about how ‘Kindness’ was relevant in the world today and we were able to provide examples of people all over the country and in a variety of situations who responded to difficulties with quite unexpected acts of kindness, showing that kindness is part of our everyday lives and that most people act in a kind way when faced with difficult situations.

The ‘Kind Kids Awards’ scheme was launched in 2005 in a number of schools – this does exactly what it says – awards kind children with certificates and recognises their acts of kindness for others to admire. Information on the scheme can be found on our Kind Kids Awards page together with details of some of the children’s acts of kindness. We plan to launch ‘Kind Scots Awards’ in the near future. If you would like to join the scheme, please contact us – we will be delighted to talk to you.


Kindness Scotland Tel: 0131 336 4930 or 0131 225 1562 Registered Charity Number SC033248 © 2008