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The World Kindness Movement’s headquarters in Singapore describes its activities and has links to a number of kindness movements in nearly 20 member countries.
The Global Classroom Connection has a network of schools in Brazil, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.
This website is a good resource for lesson plans, downloading documents and graphics, how to create a kindness site, video and annotated bibliographies, teachers’ corner, teachers’ guide and activity ideas.
This is a regularly updated cheerful and inspiring site with kindness stories, activity ideas, ‘smile cards,’ a weekly newsletter and information on how to start a ‘smile group.’
If you need a little inspiration to start a kindness project, read this collection of motivating real-life stories about peoples’ experiences of giving and receiving acts of kindness.
A 10 year-old boy, now a teenager, founded Heavenly Hats, an organisation dedicated to providing fun and stylish hats to people who have lost their hair through illness or medical treatments. This website tells his story and is a lovely example of how young people can use their creative skills to help others.
Click on ‘learn more about creative kindness’ in the top right hand corner and read stories about ‘creative kindness’ projects and groups who use sewing, quilting and other skills to help others. A few patterns and instructions are also available here.
“Inspiring Young People to take positive actions in their community!” Thus begins the home page of this website, which includes activities and events involving volunteering, caring for the environment and helping people and animals in need.
Author Catherine Ryan Hyde founded the Pay It Forward Foundation which encourages individuals to do an act of kindness for someone and then ask that person to ‘Pay It Forward’ by doing something kind for a third person. The website includes a helpful ‘curriculum connection,’ activity planning and various school projects.
See this website to learn about The Coin-spiracy, an international project that involves the tracking of a special kindness coin ( a UNI) which symbolises the accomplishing of three acts of kindness by a series of schools and/or youth groups and beautifully illustrates the ‘ripple effect’ of kindness.
This is the website of Kindness Scotland, providing a description of our local kindness activities and links to international kindness groups.

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind.
~ Henry James


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