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You will see many kindness stories on our ‘Kind Kids Awards’ pages some of the acts of kindness going on around us here in Scotland – a few of them may give YOU some ideas to follow for YOUR acts of kindness in your life.   Many of these awards are given to children who are especially kind and caring and compassionate towards their fellow pupils, their families and many other ways.   These children will carry that caring spirit into adulthood.

  • Before suffering a life-threatening illness one girl decided not to use a wheelchair and attends mainstream secondary school.  After major surgery however, use of a wheelchair became necessary and she became the focus of great kindness from her fellow pupils.   She is always encouraging to others when they need help – whether physically or giving inspirational help.   She is also known for her sense of fun and good humour.


  • eco projects – researching manufacturers of school uniforms which are made with eco-friendly materials and persuading everyone to change to these instead of their original uniforms
  •  encouraging everyone to use eco-friendly shopping bags instead of the plastic ones


  • raising standards in school and achieving Green Flag award status

There have been many examples of successful fundraising with innovative and exciting projects –

  • arranging a “Stars in your eyes” event which realised £1,500 for a charity providing a safe house for 200 street children in Durban, South Africa


  • twinning with a school on the Burma/Thailand border and raising funds for the cost of providing a sturdy roof – and a new floor, necessary school supplies which were sadly lacking
  • raising money to provide items to pack in backpacks for children in Malawi – one of the items being a spoon :  if you don’t have a spoon you can’t come in for lunch (imagine how YOU would feel)


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