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If the number of nominations received from schools to date for children to receive Kind Kids Awards 2010 is anything to go by, we will be celebrating in style on World Kindness Day another successful year with tales of kindness, caring and concern  – for others, for families and friends, and for the environment.

There are so many wonderful stories – some involving individual children and others through group and class projects – that we will certainly be bringing to everyone’s notice the marvellous young people we have here in Scotland willing to give of themselves to help others.

After 13 November updates on these ‘acts of kindness’ will be posted on our website to encourage more and more Scots children and adults to get involved.   All you have to do is email, write, phone, whatever to   
Margery Bruce,
24 Silverknowes View,
Edinburgh EH4 5PT
0131 336 4930

Email :

and Kindness Scotland will take it from there! 
Looking forward to hearing from you


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