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Together with kindness organisations in all the World Kindness member countries, Kindness Scotland celebrates World Kindness Day.   13 November every year is the that very special World Kindness Day.  


At the international conference of World Kindness held in Sydney, Australia in September 2010 it was decided to approach the United Nations to encourage that worldwide international organisation to declare 13 November each year in everyone’s calendar for all countries as that special day World Kindness Day.

World Kindess Day 2009
World kindness day 2009


Around the globe, on every continent, celebrations will be taking place organised by kindness groups – from Canada to France, from Nepal to Singapore, from Australia and New Zealand to Korea, from Japan to Italy.   Just imagine all that kindness focused on one day!   

However, kindness is for EVERY  day – not only 13 November.   You know how good you feel when you have been kind to someone, to your environment, to our animal friends.    Make every single day a World Kindness Day in YOUR mind and just imagine what one kind act can do.   It makes you feel good for the rest of that day – so try again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next …………………..


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